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  • How do I book?

If you go back and visit the group page,  scroll down to the bottom, you'll see a link that will lead you to the inquiry form. Once you fill it out, and submit the form, expect 1-2 days before you receive your proposal. If you submit your inquiry form on a Friday, please expect your proposal the following  Monday or Tuesday.

  • What is the deposit requirement?

The deposit requirement starts at $300 per person

  • How much will my trip cost?

On the group page, it gives you an idea on what the cost "might" be. However, it's all contingent on "when" you book, and the airport you depart from.

  • What's included in my cost?

Your cost will include the hotel, flight, transfers, and excursions

  • Is there a deadline to book?

It's highly recommended that you book shortly after you inquire. The longer you wait, the more you're at risk of your cost going up, and your spot getting filled.

  • Can I be placed on a payment plan?

Yes, there will be a payment plan for you to go by

  • When is the entire balance due?

The entire balance is due by May 01, 2022

  • How do I make payments?

You will make payments toward an electronic invoice. You will be authorizing LaBreta, our travel planner to process payments from your card. Every payment you make must be authorized for security purposes. If you authorize your payment over the weekend, it will be processed that Monday

  • Can I use more than 1 card to make payments?

Yes, you may use more than one card AFTER the initial payment of the deposit is made.

  • Do I have to include all travel components in my package?

Yes, you have to book the entire package (hotel+flight+transfers+excursions)


  • How many people will there be on trip?

There will be no more than 24 people on the trip

  • Is this a coed trip to Egypt?

Yes it is ​

  • Can I bring other people with me?

Yes you can! However, each room is double occupancy. What that means is, only 2 people per room. Bringing extra people will require another room.

  • What if my roommate (s) is departing from a different airport than I?

For a smoother booking process, it's preferred that you and your roommate(s) depart from the same city. However, if you are unable to do so, please be aware that booking your reservation may be  lengthier than the other travelers

  • Can I bring my child that's younger than 18 years old?

Children under 18 are not permitted on the trip


  • What's the name of of the hotel?

Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Casino

  • How many people can the rooms fit?

2 people per room

  • Is this hotel all inclusive?

No, the hotel is not all inclusive, but offers several on property restaurants and bars for you to purchase from and enjoy

  • How far is the hotel from the CAI?

30 minutes

  • What airline will we be using?

Delta Airlines


  • What all do I need to gain entry into Egypt?

You are required to have: an unexpired passport, travel Visa, NEGATIVE COVID PCR/ANTIGEN TEST, travel insurance


Do I need a passport to travel to Egypt?

Yes you need an unexpired passport to visit Egypt. 

How much is a passport?

As of 02/19/2022,  $165 for new applicants, and $130 to renew

How do I apply for a passport?

Please visit this site --- CLICK HERE

Travel Visa

Do I need a travel visa?


How much is it?


Where and when do I purchase the visa?

You can purchase the visa before you arrive, or at CAI airport upon arrival. CLICK HERE if you want to purchase before arrival.

Travel Insurance

Which travel insurance company will be used?

Allianz Travel Insurance

Is it a requirement to purchase travel insurance?

As of 02/19/2022, you are required to purchase travel insurance

How much does travel insurance cost?

Cost is contingent on age of the traveler, cost of trip, and what's included in the policy.


  • Do I have to be vaccinated to visit Egypt?

CDC recommends vaccination, but it is not a requirement to gain entry into Egypt

  • Do I have to get tested for COVID before I travel?

You have 3 options:

Option 1: Take a PCR Test within 72 hours of your departure flight

Option 2: You can take a Rapid Antigen Test, 24 hours before your flight lands

More information will be shared regarding testing, periodically. Policies change very often, It's important that you remain flexible. 

  • Do I have to get tested before I head back to the US?

Yes you must get tested for COVID before you board your plane back to the US. The test must be done no more than 24 hrs. prior to you departure flight.

  • What happens if my test comes up positive?

You will be required to quarantine in Cairo in a designated area at the hotel, or in a secured  area in the city until you're cleared to travel (no more than 14 days)

  • Where will the test take place?

The test will be taken at a near by clinic, or a doctor will come to the hotel. Those details will be shared with you soon. 

  • When do I need to take the test?

You will need to take the test, 24 hours before ​you depart

  • How much will it cost?

At minimum, the test can range from $60 - $100. More information will be shared with you regarding the cost.

For anymore questions, please email:


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