The Resort:

Ceosars  Palace

 5 Star Resort  ** All- Inclusive ** Adult 18+ ** All Suite - Property**4.6/5 Google Rating

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The Majestic Mirage is a great fit for the group!  It's a pretty large property, and we'll have access to it all. However, considering the type of vibe that Larissa and Houston are going for, the group will  lodge in an area called "The Mirage Club", which is adult only (18+).


According to reviews and research, this resort is superior in all the areas below:

  • COVID Procedures and testing availability **

  • Cleanliness

  • Security (location)

  • Amenities 

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Cost could range from:

Please Contact LaBreta for pricing

Deposit Requirement: $200/pp - $290/pp

Total Due by: June 01, 2021



Included in your cost:

  • Your suite, located at a safe, clean, all inclusive, 5 Star Property

  • Your Round-Trip Flight

    • American Airlines​

  • PDP (Pre- Departure Protection) *Optional*

    • Allows you to cancel anytime and receive a cash refund, minus the PDP cost​ 

    • Allows you to make changes to your booking (within certain parameters )

  • Transfer Service

    • Roundtrip transportation to/from airport and resort

  • What's not included

    • Travel Insurance (strongly recommended)​

      • Travel Insured International​

      • Click Here to view plans

    • Luggage Cost

    • COVID testing fees that you may incur, prior to your departure and during trip


Pricing is based on a minimum of 2 people in a room. Ultimately, it's contingent on when you book (avoid weekends), airport origin , and other personal preferences that may affect the price.

Cost and What's  Included

COVID Testing and Procedures   departing from the US, and  flying back into the US
COVID testing is not required to enter the Dominican Republic. However, to re-enter the US you must present a negative test. There are a series of steps that you must follow. The process is not difficult. It's just important that you follow each step precisely, and in a timely manner. More information coming soon!

COVID Testing and Procedures while in Punta Cana

Please click on the link below! Really important information. Whenever I speak with you individually, we'll discuss this information further.

Please click the link below regarding the resort. It's really good information that you should be aware of...

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