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You're invited to join Mary, to celebrate her 60th birthday in...

Montego Bay.

March 6 - 10, 2024

Iberostar montego bay

The Resort (s)

In Jamaica, Iberostar consist of  3 properties. Each property has their own thing to offer, and caters to the entire family. Please take to the opportunity to visit each property site, to see which one you'd like to stay at! 


iberostar rose hall beach

Family Oriented; All Inclusive

CLICK HERE for the website


iberostar selection rose hall suites

Family Oriented; All Inclusive

*The more pricier property, out of the 3*

CLICK HERE for website

iber AO lobby.jpeg

Iberostar Grand Rose Hall

Adult Only; All Inclusive

CLICK HERE for website

"What's included in my price?"

When you receive your quote, these are the 3 components that's included in the price. Regarding the flight, you will have the option to fly with Delta Airlines, or American Airlines.



FLIGHT AA_edited.jpg



Roundtrip Ground Transportation

Your Cost

Now that you know what's included in your price, it's now time for you inquire about your personal cost. Everyone's cost will be different, because everyone will have different preferences, and will book at different times.

Your deposit will be $200PP . Once you've paid your deposit, you can then make as many payments as you like, up until the payment deadline. Please refer to the FAQ section below for that date.



Is there are a deadline to book, and pay off my balance?

There is not a deadline to pay your deposit. As a family, you all can decide when everyone should pay their deposit. However, your entire balance, must be paid by January 05, 2024. Any booking made after that date, will require pay off at the time of booking. 

What if I need to cancel?

 It's a rule of thumb to purchase travel insurance, to assist in cancellations, and non-refundable cost. If you decide not to purchase travel insurance, your refund will likely be in the form of a travel credit, and will likely be penalized from the hotel and airline, depending on when you cancel.

"What's considered 'all inclusive' "?

At all 3 Iberostar Montego Bay properties, all inclusive includes food, beverages, and on property activities/entertainment. You have several restaurants to choose from on this property. What's NOT INCLUDED are tips, that you can kindly provide, out of pocket to whomever you desire to give one to.

More questions?

For pressing questions, and concerns, please email LaBreta, the travel coordinator. 

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