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You have been invited by Tanisha Dumas, to join her in.....

Montego bay, Jamaica

Travel Dates: July 04 - 08, 2024

Your Resort

Iberostar Selection Rose Hall Suites

Beautiful and historic Rose Hall, Jamaica is the ideal setting for a truly memorable family vacation. This new addition to the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach & Spa complex complements its sister hotel. You'll enjoy specialty restaurants, 24-hour concierge service and elegant, spacious suites. You and your family will love the attentive service, spectacular surroundings and free access to Iberostar Rose Hall Beach's facilities. This resort is all inclusive!

What's included in your price

Whenever you request for your personal quote, the following travel components will be included in your cost.



FLIGHT AA_edited.jpg



Roundtrip Ground Transportation

If you prefer to book the resort/airport transportation, and purchase your flight on your own because you'd like to use points, please specify.

Your Cost and how to book

Now that you know what's included in your price, it's now time for you inquire about your personal cost. Please follow these steps:

  • Click the button at the bottom that says " CLICK HERE".

  • Fill out ONE FORM for you and your roommate (s). If there is something you forget to include on the form, please do not fill out another form. Just email

  • Expect a response from the planner within 24 hours, but up to 48 hours (depending on requests). This does not include weekends/holidays.

  • Once you receive your proposal, please read it thoroughly. 

 ***Everyone's cost will be different, because everyone will have different preferences, and will book at different times.***

Your deposit will be $265 PP . Once you've paid your deposit, you can then make as many payments as you like, up until the payment deadline (May 01, 2024). 

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Administration fee

Due to the time, and efforts from the travel coordinator to make this trip a success, there will be an admin/processing fee collected from each traveler, in a later step.  After you book your trip, you will send $20 via CashApp to Tanisha ($Tanisha2020Lanette). You will receive a reminder.  These funds are paid directly to the travel advisor. If you'd like to confirm, please contact her directly. Contact information is at the bottom of the site.

What Do I need to travel to Jamaica?

Whenever you request for your personal quote, the following travel components will be included in your cost.

Valid Passport

You must have a passport to travel to Jamaica. It's important that you make this into a priority, and begin your process of purchasing your first one, or renewing it.  Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the departure date




Mandatory immigration and customs form before or on arrival.



COVID Test/Vaccination

A negative test. nor proof  of vaccination is required to enter Jamaica.

Are your ready to book?

Contact our planner for questions:

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