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You have been invited by Tanisha Dumas, to join her in.....


July 4 -8, 2024

Details  for this trip are currently in the works and will be shared August 2023. In the meantime, please use this page to gather information such as travel dates, what's included in the price, how to purchase a passport, etc.

What's included in your price

Pricing is currently not available to quote. However, when the time comes, when you view your personal quote, it will include the following:



FLIGHT AA_edited.jpg



Roundtrip Ground Transportation

Apply/Renew your passport

You must have a passport to travel to Jamaica. It's important that you make this into a priority, and begin your process of purchasing your first one, or renewing it. 


Is there are a deadline to book, and pay off my balance?

At this moment, it has not been decided on if there should be a deadline to place your deposit. You can make the decision on when you'd like to book. However, the longer you wait, you're risking flight and room availability, changing.


Based on the current dates of July 4 -8, 2024. the balance deadline will be May 01, 2024

What if I need to cancel?

 It's a rule of thumb to purchase travel insurance, to assist in cancellations, and non-refundable cost. If you decide not to purchase travel insurance, your refund will likely be in the form of a travel credit, and you will be penalized from the hotel and airline, depending on when you cancel.

More information regarding this, will be shared later in the process.

"What's considered 'all inclusive' "?

In Jamaica, most all inclusive resorts include food, beverages, and on property activities/entertainment. You have several restaurants to choose from on this property. 

Administration fee

Due to the time, and efforts from the travel coordinator to make this trip a success, there will be an admin/processing fee collected from each traveler, in a much later step. The grand total of the fee is $300, and will be spread across several, several people. Tanisha will collect the fee when the time comes. 

More questions?

For pressing questions, and concerns, please email LaBreta, the travel coordinator. 

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