Cairo, Egypt

Embark on an experience of a lifetime  within the North Eastern region of our beloved motherland, Africa.  June 09 - June 15, 2022, we'll be exploring the "Wonders of Cairo", the capital of Egypt, and the third largest city on the continent.  Cairo is filled with such beauty and history! Are you excited yet?  Prepare yourself for a journey that will forever leave a print in your memories...

Let's go!

Your Accommodations 

Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino

This beautiful 5 star hotel is conveniently located on the Nile river, in the heart of Cairo. 

Sheraton Cairo
Sheraton Cairo

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Double Beds
Double Beds

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Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool

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Sheraton Cairo
Sheraton Cairo

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Your package will include a flight through Delta Airlines, from an origin airport of your choice.

Roundtrip ground transportation will be included in your package as well.


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Nile River Dinner Boat
egyptian museum
camel ride
pyramid 1

What's really going to take this trip to the next level, are the excursions.  Yes, there will be food, pyramids and camel riding...yes, you're riding a camel! A detailed schedule for these excursions will be provided soon!.


Pricing is based on double occupancy.  

Package 1 

Hotel + Flight+ Ground Transportation + Excursions

 $2100// per person (roughly)

 $300//deposit per person

Package 2

Hotel + Ground Transportation + Excursions

$900// per person

$50// deposit person

*you will have to book your won flight*

 The cost is an estimate, and will definitely change.  It's contingent on "when" you book, and "where" you depart from (airport) if you're including your flight in the package


Due to personal preferences (airport, room preference, etc.), cost will look different from person to person.

A payment plan will be provided for you


Travel Insurance is not included in the price, but STRONGLY recommended. When you inquire about this trip, please discuss options.

Camel and Pyramids

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